Help and FAQs

Can't find the golf equipment you're looking for or having difficulty posting your classified adverstisements? Some of the more frequently asked questions and answers are provided below. If you can't find your answer below. click here: 'Contact Us' and you can send your question to the support team who will quickly answer your query. 


- How do I create a Account? ANSWER: Click here for information on how to set-up your FREE account.

- How do I create and post an ad? ANSWER: Click here  for information

- How do I search for advertisements? ANSWER: Click here for information on how to search for ads.

- How do I contact sellers to learn more about their ads. ANSWER: Click here for more information about contacting sellers

- How can I make an offer to a seller? ANSWER: Click here for more information about making offers

- How are distances to advertisements calculated? ANSWER: When you enter a postcode, town or city as a search criteria, advertisements are listed in order of closest to the entered location and a distance is shown in miles. The distance is calculated 'As the Ball Flies' (straight that is ;-), hence actual driving distance will vary depending on route taken.

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