Finding Your Golf Equipment and Golf Services

Whether you’re looking for your next driver, want to find a great golf coach or want search for the latest offers, you have several ways to help find what you’re looking for.

Starting with’s home-page you will find 9 of the latest advertisements that have been posted. Just click on any of the images and that will take you to the detailed advertisement.

Looking for something more specific?  Use any of the following options to help refine your search:

Search By Category – On the home page if you select ‘Search by Category’ you’ll find our primary search categories which include: Golf Clubs, Bags, Trolleys & Buggies, Golf Accessories, Specialty & Collectables, Golf Services and Clothing. You can click on any of these categories to start your search, or, if you have a more specific item in mind, you can click on a sub-category such as ‘Drivers’ found under primary category Golf Clubs.

After selecting your category a list of all advertisements for the category will be displayed (please note: a maximum of 20 items will be shown on a page. Any additional items matching your search will be shown on additional pages which can be selected at the bottom of your current page listing). Click on the image or title of any of the items listed and you will be shown a detailed description of that item.

If the listing is too long, or you want to further refine your search, you can use the Filters found on the left hand side of the page. Simply select as many or as few filters as you like and click on Filter Results’ The page will now show a new listing reflecting your filtered search criteria (if you skip a search filter the results will include all items in that sub-category i.e. if you don’t select ‘handed’ then the results will show both left and right handed clubs). To help find what you are looking for as quickly as possible each primary category (and sub-category) has its own unique search filters. An explanation of the more common search filters can be found at the end of this article under Search Filter Descriptions’.

Alternate Search Options

At the top each page you have the option to search for advertisements by keywords, Condition and Postcode/Town. You can search using any, or a combination, of these categories:

 ‘Keywords’ search – you can search for advertisements based on ‘keywords’. For example, you may be looking for something quite specific and want to quickly narrow your search. By entering your keyword, and selecting ‘Search’, a listing of items matching your keyword criteria will be displayed. Please note that the search only takes into consideration words used in an advertisement’s title and description.

‘Condition’ – you can filter your search to look for just new or used items and click on ‘Search’.

‘Postcode/Town’ - you can enter a location (either post-code, town or city name) and click on ‘Search’ to find items that are closest to your location. All items matching your search criteria will be listed in order of closest to the location entered.

Search Filter Descriptions.

Note: If no search filter is selected then all items under that category will be selected.

Handed – you can refine your search to either left or right handed items.

Gender – refine your search to Men’s, Women’s, Senior’s, or Junior’s items.

Loft Settingsome equipment (typically drivers) allow you to change the loft on your club. This category provides the option to search for equipment with either fixed or adjustable loft setting capability

Loft (degrees) – refers to the loft on the club. If not known, set to ‘All’ to find the widest range of equipment. If you’re searching for a club with adjustable loft select ‘adjustable’

Model – If you are searching for a specific model type in the model name/number here

Condition – refers to whether you are searching for new or used items

Key Wordsyou can enter any key words to refine your search. Please note the Key Word search looks only at words in an advertisement’s title and description.

Location – you can enter a location (either post-code, town or city name) and then select the ‘distance from location’ to search for items within a specific area. Items will be listed in order of closest to the location entered.

Distance from Location – Used with location to find items within a certain area. Please note distances are ‘as the ball flies’ (hopefully a straight line J), hence may not reflect actual travelling distance.

Price (Min-Max) – refine your search by selecting a price range for the items you are searching for.

Sellers – allows you to refine your search to include only ‘Pro Shop Sellers’ or only ‘Public Sellers’